Hi I’m Joanna Park, I’m a stay at home mum to my three gorgeous children.  I have been a huge bookworm all my life. When I was little I would climb up into my dad’s lap and he’d read out loud to me from whatever he was reading.  I will read anything apart from horror as I have quite a vivid imagination and get scared easily! My favorite types of books are historical fiction or mysteries and thrillers though I will try any book that interests me.  I have started this blog to firstly shout about the great books I have enjoyed but also to try and start discussions about books with fellow book lovers as there is nothing I like better than a bookish chat!

We sadly lost our second son, Christopher Allan in 2014.  I was 24 weeks pregnant when he decided to come early and sadly was too small to survive, living only five hours before passing away.  The name of this blog is a little tribute to him as the song Over The Rainbow has comforted me since his passing as I hope that he has gone to a better place and we will meet again.  It is also a tribute to my other three kids as they are both ‘Rainbow’ babies as like a rainbow they are the beauty after the storm, or in my case, the hard times we had having them.