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Book Synopsis:

At fifteen, she made a life-changing decision. Thirty years on, it’s time to make another.When Diana escaped her misfit childhood, she thought she’d chosen the easier path. But the past lingers on, etched beneath her skin, and life won’t be worth living if her secret gets out.As an adult, she’s kept other people at a distance… until Simon sweeps in on a cloud of promise and possibility. But his work is taking him to Cairo, the city that transformed her life. She’ll lose Simon if she doesn’t join him. She’ll lose herself if she does.Sugar and Snails describes Diana’s unusual journey, revealing the scars from her fight to be true to herself. A triumphant mid-life coming-of-age story about bridging the gap between who we are and who we feel we ought to be.

Sugar and Snails is available in all formats now. You can purchase your copy using the links below.

My Review:

This is a powerful, poignant book that was beautifully written. Throughout the book we follow Diana who is second guessing a big decision she made at the tender age of 15 and the impact it’s had on her life. Through the author’s beautiful but powerful narrative the reader finds out about Diana’s childhood, in a series of flashbacks, and what her life is like now.

I thought Diana’s parents were brilliant characters who were excellently portrayed. I started off not liking them as they seemed quite unsympathetic but as the book continued I realised what a hard decision they had to make and that they were actually just scared. As a parent myself their situation was one I found myself thinking about when I wasn’t reading and wondering to myself what I would have done.

The author is a psychologist and there is a lot of psychology in the book which I found really fascinating. The author has written these sections really well so I feel that anyone could understand what she was saying. I thought it was interesting to get this background information and that it helped add a lot to the story.

Overall I really enjoyed this book! The author has taken a controversial, modern subject and written about it very sympathetically giving the reader both sides to the story so they are encouraged to make up their own minds about things. It was surprisingly gripping and I quickly found myself caring for the characters , wanting to keep reading as I wanted to find out how it would end.

Huge thanks to Anne for inviting me onto the blog tour and for my copy of this book.

About The Author:

Anne Godwin writes entertaining fiction about identity, mental health and social justice. She is the author of three novels and a short story collection published by small independent press, Inspired Quill. Her debut novel, Sugar and Snails, was shortlisted for the 2016 Polari First Book Prize. Her new novel, Matilda Windsor Is Coming Home, is inspired by her previous incarnation as a clinical psychologist in a long-stay psychiatric hospital. Subscribers to her newsletter can download a free e-book of prize-winning short stories.

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