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Book Synopsis:

Beth Duke, Author of #1 Best Seller It All Comes Back to You, delivers an emotional and inspiring novel about family, from the roots that ground us to the branches that allow us to take flight.

“Beth Duke is a poet disguised as a Southern novelist. Tapestry made me laugh, made me think and in the end, made me cry. Tapestry delivers on ALL counts.”
-Dan Brown, Author of Reunion

Twenty-one-year-old Skye Willis lives in Eufaula, Alabama, a tourist mecca of stately homes and world-class bass fishing. Her childhood friends are either stuck at dead ends or have moved on to accomplish Big Things.

Skye’s grandmother, Verna, insists on being called “Sparrow” because she suspects her ancestors were Muscogee Creek. She dresses in faux deerskin and experiments with ancient Native American recipes, offering a myth or legend to anyone who will listen.

Skye has no idea what to do with her life. She’s smart as hell, but she has no faith or knowledge there’s something out there she was “born to do.” Nor does she know much of anything about her father, who died in Afghanistan when she was a toddler. He and his family are a mystery her mother won’t discuss. But when Sparrow sets out to confirm her Creek ancestry through genetic testing, Skye joins in. The results hit like a DNA bomb, launching them both on a path filled with surprises and life-changing events. Skye learns a harder truth than she ever expected.

Alternating chapters between Skye’s Alabama life and an intertwining tale of greed, deceit, and control in Texas, this story offers proof that all life is a woven tapestry of past, present, and future.

In Beth Duke’s uplifting and soul-singing voice, TAPESTRY is Southern Fiction at its best; you will cry, you will laugh out loud, and you will wish you were a member of the beautiful, matriarchal family Duke has created for her readers.

My Review:

Tapestry is a beautiful, moving story that intrigued me from the start and I thought was a fantastic read. The story is told in two parts; one following Skye’s life with her mum and grandmother, the other follows The Darlings who company are trying to build a pipeline near Native American land but is being met with fierce resistance.

I absolutely loved Skye and enjoyed following her throughout the book. It was nice to meet a younger person who didn’t have everything mapped out in life but was still trying to work out which direction they wanted to go. Sparrow was another amazing character who’s passion and determination I really admired. She was a fantastically quirky character too which made it easy to warm to her. I loved learning more about the relationships between the three generations of woman and watching as they discovered more about themselves and their past.

There was a little bit of Native American history in this book which I found utterly fascinating as I didn’t know much about it. I eagerly drank in all the little details and spent too long on Google trying to find out more. This book has definitely helped spark my interest in learning more about their history.

Overall I really enjoyed this book which seemed to have a great pace to it. The story does start off a little slow maybe but soon gets going. Unusually I loved following both timelines equally and loved the different tone the author had created for both the timelines. One seeming more relaxed and character driven, while the Darling timeline seemed more rushed and frantic. It was interesting seeing the two come together and I was very sad when the book ended and I had to say goodbye to the wonderful characters.

Huge thanks to Zoe from Zooloo’s blog tours for my copy of this book and for inviting me onto the blog tour.

About The Author:

Beth Duke is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and the recipient of numerous honors for her fiction on two continents.She is eyeing the other five.Her latest novel, TAPESTRY, is the Bronze Medal Winner in Southern Fiction in Publisher’s Weekly’s 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards, an Award-Winning Finalist in the 2020 International Book Awards, and a Five Star Readers’ Favorite Award Winner.Country music superstar Randy Owen said, “Beth Duke’s works are as real as grits and gravy in The South, and her usage of her Southern English has the taste of Mama’s biscuits.”Beth lives in the mountains of her native Alabama with her husband, one real dog, and one ornamental dog. She loves to read, travel, bake, and is attempting to master chess.Her books DELANEY’S PEOPLE, DON’T SHOOT YOUR MULE, IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU, and TAPESTRY are all love letters to her home state.

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